quinta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2013

Brazilian PlayStation 4 will launch at 1850 USD!

Sony annouced earlier today the launch price of its PlayStation 4 in Brazil: 3,999 brazilian reais. Converted to US dollars that is the equivalent to 1850 USD. You read right: almost 2 thousand american dollars for something that will sell at 399 USD back in the United States. Sony defends its price and blames brazilian heavy taxation.

Microsoft's Xbox One can already be pre-ordered for 2,199 BRL (1,018 USD). A much friendlier price for something that costs 499 USD in the upper part of the american continent.

Who's (not) buying a new console for Xmas?

Souce (n brazilian portuguese): Sony Brazil's PlayStaion blog  | Microsoft XBOX One pre-order.

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